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The word travel comes from the French word travail which means agony or torment, a word taken from the Latin, tripalium. Long ago, torture victims were tied to a tripalium (a three-staked apparatus) and then set on fire.
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I think my camera is dying. Crap. Crap-crap.

Home. Part 2.

Some notes about the photos

Unfortunately the photos aren’t really in order as it’s too much work to sort them properly in Tumblr. None of the photos have been edited outside of the camera except for one which was cropped for emphasis. I’ve tried not to post any facebook photos. There is some music & videos here and there, but they’re not really relevant. At all.

If I’ve written longer than a paragraph in a post then it’s probably a good idea to skip forward. The longer posts are most likely introvert and irrelevant to most people. But it’s good practice for me to write them. In general the writing here is quite terse. I find it’s a very liberating way of writing. Let’s hope it doesn’t make me come off as a pretentious douchebag.

Otherwise there’s a mixed bag of photos on this blog, but some topical highlights, that maybe could be of interest to someone, are Burma, New York-Los Angeles and reactions on ground zero the day after the death of bin Laden. Click on photos to get a better view and to see captions for photos that have that.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Home. Part 1.



East Harlem, New York.

East Harlem, New York.

Saving America. It looks like a tough market! Clearly branding and presence is everything in the soul saving business.. :)

San Francisco. Part 2.

To hear the one man band:

Way better live though. This guy, Jord Peck, is a born entertainer.